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I am a musician based in Lexington, KY. Primary instruments include pedal & lap steel, guitar, dobro and banjo, with the occasional organ or keyboard. 

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Photo: Lithophyte


Session Work: If you're interested in having me play on your record, drop me a line!

scott whiddon

young again

Scott Whiddon "Wire Act: 1"
producer, enginneer, mixer, bass guitar, electric guitar, synths, other noises+

T.A. Clayton & the Soulminers "Young Again" (single) producer, engineer, keys


Frigidkitty "Indulgence"
producer, enginneer, mixer, bass guitar, electric guitar, synths, other noises+

J. Tom Hnatow "This Will Be Our Year" (single)
producer, enginneer, mixer, vocals, guitar, bass, drums, synths, stylophone




Brett Higgins & Donnie Bowling "There Is (YOU)" (single) producer, engineer, keys, bass guitar

Dark Moon Hollow (self titled) pedal steel guitar



Rebecca Rego "Songs For Cleaning Women" engineer ("step") pedal steel, piano, classical guitar, electric guitar, bass, synths, 5-string dobro

Catherine Campbell - "Smiling" (single) producer, engineer, classical guitar, bass, dobro, piano, synths

Karen J ballerina
Karen Jonas "The Sounthwest Sky and Other Dreams") pedal steel, wurli

Will Solomon "Ballerina"
baritone guitar+


Justin W II

Kara S

Justin Wells "The United State" pedal steel ("You'll Never Know, Dear, How Much I Love You)

Kara Shepherd "Nicotine Queen" (single) pedal steel, electric guitar, banjo, rhodes

Coby Fried Steak Lance R
Coby Langham "Country Fried Steak" (single) producer, engineer, bass, synths Lance Rogers "Was I Always Killing You" (single) pedal steel
Keith R II Spring Moons
Keith Rowland "Close Only Counts") producer, engineer, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, pedal steel, keys, synths, backing vocals, etc. Drew Charron "Spring Moons" pedal steel guitar

Rego - Dust

Lance R

Rebecca Rego "In The Dust " (single) co-producer, engineer, dobro, electric guitar, synth, sound design

Lance Rogers "Outside The Lines" (single) pedal steel
Coby L

Lance R

Coby Langham "Highs and Lows/Tequila Tastes So Good" (single) producer, engineer, pedal steel

Lance Rogers "Flyin' On Momma's Feet" (single) pedal steel


Mason C

Good Journey

Mason Colby "On The Outsides Again" producer, engineer, pedal steel, synth

The Good Journey (original soundtrack) engineer/mixer, production, bass, pedal steel, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, accordion, organ


J. Tom Hnatow "Pictures For An Exhibition" producer/engineer/mixer, pedal steel, synth, guitars, drums, bass, etc.

Abby Hamilton & Maggie Lander "Just Like Me" (single) pedal steel, bass


Lance R

Ethan Jano

Lance Rogers "Outside The Lines" (single) pedal steel

Ethan Jano & The Hilltop Revival "The Hilltop Revival" pedal steel


Blue C


J. Tom Hnatow "Blue Christmas" (single) producer/engineer/mixer, pedal steel, guitar, bass

Whippoorwill "The Nature of Storms" producer/engineer, keys, bass, pedal steel, electric guitar


Catherine C

Rebecca R

Catherine Campbell "Young One" co-producer/engineer, bass, pedal steel guitar

Rebecca Rego "Both Hands" (single) co-producer/engineer/mixer, guitar, bass, keys


Donnie B

Dan T

Donnie Bowling "About Time" producer/engineer, keys, bass, pedal steel, electric guitar

Dan Tedesco "American Darkness" pedal steel

Shangri-la Productions


Mack M

Mack M

Mack McKenzie "Kill The Buffalo" electric guitars, acoustic guitars

Shangri-la Productions

Jeff Glatz "Dissapear" electric guitars, pedal steel, acoustic guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Michael T


Michael Tyree "All the Time" (single) engineer/mixer


Horse Feathers


Horse Feathers "Appreciation" engineering, bass, pedal steel, electric guitar, keys, etc.

Coby Langham & The Citizen Band "Years On The Road" Production, engineering, pedal steel guitar, keyboards

Shangri-la Productions




Lark Watts "Shangri-La Sessions Part 1" Guitar, pedal steel guitar, one bass note

Shangri-la Productions

Davis Kathriner "Losing Habits" Guitars, pedal steel guitar

Shangri-la Productions




Keith Rowland "Among the Wreckage" Production, engineering, mixing, electric guitar, keys, bass

Maggie Lander "Old Flame" Production, engineering, electric guitar, keys, bass

Shangri-la Productions




Choreo "Lonely One" Pedal Steel

Shangri-la Productions

Choreo "Heart Garden" Pedal Steel

Shangri-la Productions


Ethan Wayne

Rebecca Rego

Ethan Wayne "Herb"

Shangri-la Productions

Rebecca Rego "Bring A Torch, Jeanette, Isabella" producer/engineer/mixer, guitar, bass, keyboards,



Ethan Wayne

Robby Cosenza "Memories" Production, Engineering, Mixing, Keys, Bass,

Justin Wells "A Love Song" Pedal Steel

Shangri-la Productions




Donnie Bowling "Western: The Reset" Production, engineering, bass, electric guitar

Shangri-la Productions

Donnie Bowling "Finding Ways To Get By" Production, engineering

Shangri-la Productions


Ringo Starr

Scott Whiddon

Ringo Starr "Give More Love" dobro, electric guitar, acoustic guitar ("Don't Pass Me By" and "Photograph")

Scott Whiddon "In Close Quarters With The Enemy" producer/engineer/mixer, keys, bass, pedal steel guitar


Kentucky Avenue

The Sway

Kentucky Avenue "Nothing Here Is Mine" pedal steel guitar, banjo, accordion

The Sway "Everything That Happens Here
producer/engineer, keys, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Bill Jones

Abby Hamilton

Bill Jones "A Day in Late May"
producer/engineer/mixer, pedal steel guitar, banjo, acoustic guitar

Shangri-la Productions

Abby Hamilton: "Broke Girl" pedal steel


Brett Ratliff

The Past

Bret Ratliff: "Gone Boy"
pedal steel guitar

Shangri-la Productions

The Past "The End of What's to Come"
pedal steel guitar ("Where to Go")



Justin Payne

TDH4 "Rock Me Away" pedal steel guitar ("Whatever You Do")

Shangri-la Productions

Justin Payne: "Coal Camp EP" pedal steel guitar

Shangri-la Productions




Ian Noe "Off This Mountaintop" pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar

Shangri-la Productions




Palisades "Nervous Habits"engineer, various auxillary instruments

Shangri-la Productions

Palisades "Signal Delayed" engineer, various auxillary instruments

Shangri-la Productions


Bill Jones - gleaned

Vandaveer - Love is Melancholy

Bill Jones: "Gleaned"producer/engineer/mixer, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, lap steel, keys

Shangri-la Productions

Vandaveer: "Love is Melancholy" EP pedal steel guitar, electric guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Late Day Sons

Justin Wells

Late Day Sons: "From Hills to Greater Heights"
production, engineering, additional mixing

Shangri-la Productions

Justin Wells "Dawn In The Distance"
additional production, pedal steel, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dobro, glockenspiel, bass guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Brian Combs


Brian Combs "Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters" production, engineering, guitar, pedal steel, rhodes, wurlitzer, B3, additional mixing.

Shangri-la Productions

Vandaveer "The Wild Mercury" additional engineering, pedal steel, guitar, keys

Shangri-la Productions


Adam Remnant

Adam Remnant

Adam Remnant "When I Was A Boy" pedal steel

Doppio "New Age Paranoia (single)" electric guitar

Shangri-la Productions


The Sway

The Landers

The Sway "Life and Other Fleeting Things" engineer, pedal steel

Shangri-la Productions

The Landers "Whiskey" (single) engineer (vocals), pedal steel

Shangri-la Productions


The Landers


The Landers "Easier to Lie" (single) engineer (vocals)

Shangri-la Productions

Kamalata "Big Boy Lullaby" pedal steel


Six Bells

Small Batch

Six Bells "A Little Bit Forever" engineer

Shangri-la Productions

Small Batch "True Loves" producer, engineer, co-mixed with Duane Lundy

Shangri-la Productions


Shannon Brackett

Great American Canyon Band

Shannon Brackett "The Hours EP" pedal steel, pedal steel fx

Shangri-la Productions

The Great American Canyon Band "Crash EP" pedal steel, electric guitars, rhodes


Ancient Warfare

Jay Troop Hotel Sessions

Ancient Warfare "The Pale Horse"
pedal steel, electric guitar, organ

Shangri-la Productions

Jay Troop "The Hotel Sessions"
pedal steel, guitars, mellotron, organs + extras


Summer Smoke

Joe Pug Windfall

Summer Smoke

Shangri-la Productions

Joe Pug "Windfall"
pedal steel (Stay and Dance, O My Chesapeake), piano (O My Chesapeake)

Shangri-la Productions


The Wags


The Wags "I'm So Over"

Shangri-la Productions


Armida Low Bad One

Fifth on the Floor

Armida Low "Bad One"
producer, engineer, mixer, bass, baritone guitar, wurli

Shangri-la Productions

Fifth on the Floor "& After EP:"
producer, engineer, lap steel, dobro, acoustic guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Dawn Landes

Grace Campbell

Dawn Landes & The Kentuckians "Covers EP"
pedal steel, guitar

Shangri-la Productions

Grace Campbell and August 385: "Preparation"
producer, engineer, pedal steel, electric guitar, organ

Shangri-la Productions



Kathleen Hoye

Palisades "Handshake Codes" producer, engineer, acoustic guitars, keyboards

Shangri-la Productions

Kathleen Hoye "Young Girl"electric guitars


Good Buddy

Shawn Germain

Good Buddy "Beautiful Lifestyles" pedal steel ("Somebody New")

Shawn Germain "The Now Devine" (EP) bass, pedal steel loops

Shangri-la Productions


Dan Tedesco

Zoe Sara "Fall"

Dan Tedesco "Death in the Valley" pedal steel ("Somebody New")

Shangri-la Productions

Zoe Sara "Fall" guitar, bass, banjo

Shangri-la Productions


Chuckie Campbell "More Die of Heartbreak"

Stripmall Ballads "Killer EP"

Chuckie Campbell "More Die of Heartbreak" pedal steel, guitar

Shangri-la Productions

Stripmall Ballads "Killer EP" production/engineering, pedal steel, bass, rhodes, samples, ambience



The Breedings

TDH4 "Dust Devils On Our Heels" dobro ("LB And The Owl")

Shangri-la Productions

The Breedings "Fayette" pedal steel ("Too Much A Dream", "No Matter Where")

Shangri-la Productions

The Still Tide


The Still Tide "Tinder" pedal steel on "Salt"

Vandaveer "Oh, Willie Please" dobro, guitar, pedal steel, piano

Shangri-la Productions


Moonshine Millionaires

Rebecca Miller "Trojan Heart"

Moonshine Millionaires "Tipsy" pedal steel ("Tipsy")

Shangri-la Productions

Rebecca Marie Miller "Trojan Heart" co-producer (w/ Justin Craig), engineering, pedal steel, dobro, banjo, guitars, bass, organ, rhodes, glockenspiel, percussion


Stripmall Ballads "The Field"

Tom McBride

Stripmall Ballads "The Field" pedal steel, accordion, production ("New Goodwill Clothes")

Tom McBride "Morning in Glen Burnie" pedal steel

Kelly Richie  

Kelly Richey "Sweet Spirit" Rhodes on "Risin' Sun"

Shangri-la Productions


These United States


These United States pedal steel, guitar, dobro, lap steel, organ, piano, banjo, bass

Here's a track by track breakdown of what I played >

Shangri-la Productions

Lightfoot "Scarlet Sails" pedal steel on "Caged Bird"

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers


Blind Corn Liquor Pickers "Myths & Routines" pedal steel on "The Great Unknown"

Shangri-la Productions


My Friend Autumn

Tom McBride

My Friend Autumn "Vespers" pedal steel on "Civil Twilight" Tom Mcbride "A Brief Head Spin" pedal steel, guitar, lap steel

Leah Morgan

Leah Morgan "Songs From A Silent Film Volume 2 lap steel, guitar  

Vandaveer XMSep2

Mynabirds: All I Want is Truth (for Christmas)

Vandaveer XMSep pedal steel, electric guitars, glockenspiel, piano The Mynabirds "All I Want is Truth (For Christmas)" (7" single) pedal steel

These United States


These United States "What Lasts" pedal steel, lap steel, guitars, keys The Mynabirds "What We Gain in the Fire We Lose in the Flood" pedal steel

Paul Masson


Paul Masson "EP"
pedal steel, banjo
Marionette "Facing You" backwards ambient pedal steel on "Orchid"

These United States


These United States "Everything Touches Everything" pedal & lap steel, guitar, keys, etc. Roofwalkers
lap steel "Desert Scene"

Tom McBride

Adam Arcuragi

Tom McBride & The Whig Party "Like A Lion" lap steel on "Flying Pete" and lap steel and dobro on "Natchez (Southern Odyssey)" Adam Arcuragi "I Am Become Joy" pedal steel, banjo



The Beanstalk Library EP pedal steel, banjo Pree "A Chopping Block" dobro, bass

Sean McArdle

Sean McArdle "Northern Charms" pedal steel on "Don't Belive Me"  

Stella Schindler

These United States "Crimes" pedal steel, lap steel, guitars, banjo

Shangri-la Productions

Stella Schindler "Distant Hum" pedal steel, e-bow guitar

Justin Jones & The Driving Rain "...and i am the song of the drunkards"  lap steel on "If I'm Wrong" and "Lets Stay Together", pedal steel on "Let's Stay Together" and "Seminole Town" The Beanstalk Library "America At Night"  pedal steel on "Fake It", "All The World Is New" and "Fog Over My Mind"

The Sketches "Secret Alphabets"  lead guitar on "Secret Alphabets" and "Hard Read", lap steel on "My Mona Lisa", all keyboards/piano Roofwalkers: 7" single
lap steel, writing credit  on "Broken Sticks".
52 Short Weeks project (Peppermill Records):
These United States: A Day to Float the Bahnar Boat
Vandaveer: The Gregarious Brain

These United States: Snowghost Sessions

Adam Arcuragi: Snowghost Sessions

Paleo's Song Diary
"A Home Away From Home Away From Home" April 5, 2008: pedal steel
"When Nothing Was Impossible" April 12, 2008: pedal steel


Justin Jones & the Driving Rain "Love Verses Heroin"  lap steel, banjo, CD & booklet photography/design/layout. Leah Morgan "Songs From a Silent Film, Vol. 1" guitar, lap steel, banjo, CD & booklet design/layout.
Paleo's Song Diary
November 26, 2006: lap steel

Leah Morgan "Zero Dollars Spent" banjo on "Obvious" and slide guitar to "Iowa", CD & booklet design/layout. Otis Finch "Monkeys Typing"lead guitars & background vox, music for "Following Signs", CD & booklet design/layout.

and have played in the pit orchestras of:
Jesus Christ Superstar
Children of Eden
Man of La Mancha


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