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I am a musician based in Lexington, KY. Primary instruments include pedal & lap steel, guitar, dobro and banjo, with the occasional organ or keyboard. 

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Photo: District Consonance


Session Work: If you're interested in having me play on your record, drop me a line!


Bill Jones - gleaned

Vandaveer - Love is Melancholy

Bill Jones: "Gleaned": producer/engineer/mixer, pedal steel guitar, electric guitar, lap steel, keys

Shangri-la Productions

Vandaveer: "Love is Melancholy" EP: pedal steel guitar, electric guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Late Day Sons

Justin Wells

Late Day Sons: "From Hills to Greater Heights": production, engineering, additional mixing

Shangri-la Productions

Justin Wells "Dawn In The Distance": additional production, pedal steel, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dobro, glockenspiel, bass guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Brian Combs


Brian Combs "Sad Songs and Other Natural Disasters": production, engineering, guitar, pedal steel, rhodes, wurlitzer, B3, additional mixing.

Shangri-la Productions

Vandaveer "The Wild Mercury": additional engineering, pedal steel, guitar, keys

Shangri-la Productions


Adam Remnant

Adam Remnant

Adam Remnant "When I Was A Boy": pedal steel

Doppio "New Age Paranoia (single)": electric guitar

Shangri-la Productions


The Sway

The Landers

The Sway "Life and Other Fleeting Things": engineer

Shangri-la Productions

The Landers "Whiskey" (single): engineer (vocals), pedal steel

Shangri-la Productions


The Landers

The Landers

The Landers "Easier to Lie" (single): engineer (vocals)

Shangri-la Productions

The Landers "Whiskey" (single): engineer (vocals), pedal steel

Shangri-la Productions




Kamalata "Big Boy Lullaby": pedal steel


Six Bells

Small Batch

Six Bells "A Little Bit Forever": engineer

Shangri-la Productions

Small Batch "True Loves": producer, engineer, co-mixed with Duane Lundy

Shangri-la Productions


Shannon Brackett

Great American Canyon Band

Shannon Brackett "The Hours EP": pedal steel, pedal steel fx

Shangri-la Productions

The Great American Canyon Band "Crash EP": pedal steel, electric guitars, rhodes


Ancient Warfare

Jay Troop Hotel Sessions

Ancient Warfare "The Pale Horse"
pedal steel, electric guitar, organ

Shangri-la Productions

Jay Troop "The Hotel Sessions"
pedal steel, guitars, mellotron, organs + extras


Summer Smoke

Joe Pug Windfall

Summer Smoke

Shangri-la Productions

Joe Pug "Windfall"
pedal steel (Stay and Dance, O My Chesapeake), piano (O My Chesapeake)

Shangri-la Productions


The Wags


The Wags "I'm So Over"

Shangri-la Productions


Armida Low Bad One

Fifth on the Floor

Armida Low: "Bad One"
producer, engineer, mixer, bass, baritone guitar, wurli

Shangri-la Productions

Fifth on the Floor: "& After EP:"
producer, engineer, lap steel, dobro, acoustic guitar

Shangri-la Productions


Dawn Landes

Grace Campbell

Dawn Landes & The Kentuckians "Covers EP":
pedal steel, guitar

Shangri-la Productions

Grace Campbell and August 385: "Preparation":
producer, engineer, pedal steel, electric guitar, organ

Shangri-la Productions



Kathleen Hoye

Palisades "Handshake Codes": producer, engineer, acoustic guitars, keyboards

Shangri-la Productions

Kathleen Hoye "Young Girl": electric guitars


Good Buddy

Shawn Germain

Good Buddy "Beautiful Lifestyles": pedal steel ("Somebody New")

Shawn Germain "The Now Devine" (EP): bass, pedal steel loops

Shangri-la Productions


Dan Tedesco

Zoe Sara "Fall"

Dan Tedesco "Death in the Valley": pedal steel ("Somebody New")

Shangri-la Productions

Zoe Sara "Fall": guitar, bass, banjo

Shangri-la Productions


Chuckie Campbell "More Die of Heartbreak"

Stripmall Ballads "Killer EP"

Chuckie Campbell "More Die of Heartbreak": pedal steel, guitar

Shangri-la Productions

Stripmall Ballads "Killer EP": production/engineering, pedal steel, bass, rhodes, samples, ambience



The Breedings

TDH4 "Dust Devils On Our Heels": dobro ("LB And The Owl")

Shangri-la Productions

The Breedings "Fayette": pedal steel ("Too Much A Dream", "No Matter Where")

Shangri-la Productions

The Still Tide


The Still Tide "Tinder": pedal steel on "Salt"

Vandaveer "Oh, Willie Please": dobro, guitar, pedal steel, piano

Shangri-la Productions


Moonshine Millionaires

Rebecca Miller "Trojan Heart"

Moonshine Millionaires "Tipsy": pedal steel ("Tipsy")

Shangri-la Productions

Rebecca Marie Miller "Trojan Heart": co-producer (w/ Justin Craig), engineering, pedal steel, dobro, banjo, guitars, bass, organ, rhodes, glockenspiel, percussion


Stripmall Ballads "The Field"

Great American Canyon Band

Stripmall Ballads "The Field": pedal steel, accordion, production ("New Goodwill Clothes")

The Great American Canyon Band "Lost at Sea EP": pedal steel, electric guitars, rhodes


Tom McBride

Kelly Richie

Tom McBride "Morning in Glen Burnie": pedal steel

Kelly Richey "Sweet Spirit": Rhodes on "Risin' Sun"

Shangri-la Productions


These United States


These United States: pedal steel, guitar, dobro, lap steel, organ, piano, banjo, bass

Here's a track by track breakdown of what I played >

Shangri-la Productions

Lightfoot "Scarlet Sails": pedal steel on "Caged Bird"

Blind Corn Liquor Pickers


Blind Corn Liquor Pickers "Myths & Routines": pedal steel on "The Great Unknown"

Shangri-la Productions


My Friend Autumn

The Great American Canyon Band

My Friend Autumn "Vespers": pedal steel on "Civil Twilight" The Great American Canyon Band: guitars, lap steel, pedal steel

Tom McBride

Leah Morgan

Tom Mcbride "A Brief Head Spin": pedal steel, guitar, lap steel Leah Morgan "Songs From A Silent Film Volume 2: lap steel, guitar

Vandaveer XMSep2

Mynabirds: All I Want is Truth (for Christmas)

Vandaveer XMSep2: pedal steel, electric guitars, glockenspiel, piano The Mynabirds "All I Want is Truth (For Christmas)" (7" single): pedal steel

These United States


These United States "What Lasts": pedal steel, lap steel, guitars, keys The Mynabirds "What We Gain in the Fire We Lose in the Flood": pedal steel

Paul Masson


Paul Masson "EP": pedal steel, banjo Marionette "Facing You": backwards ambient pedal steel on "Orchid"

These United States


These United States "Everything Touches Everything": pedal & lap steel, guitar, keys, etc. Roofwalkers: lap steel on "Desert Scene"

Tom McBride

Adam Arcuragi

Tom McBride & The Whig Party "Like A Lion": lap steel on "Flying Pete" and lap steel and dobro on "Natchez (Southern Odyssey)" Adam Arcuragi "I Am Become Joy": pedal steel, banjo



The Beanstalk Library EP: pedal steel, banjo Pree "A Chopping Block": dobro, bass

Sean McArdle

Sean McArdle "Northern Charms": pedal steel on "Don't Belive Me"  

Stella Schindler

These United States "Crimes": pedal steel, lap steel, guitars, banjo

Shangri-la Productions

Stella Schindler "Distant Hum": pedal steel, e-bow guitar

Vandaveer "XMSEP": banjo, electric guitar, lap steel loop, a little piano, some backing vox Justin Jones & The Driving Rain "...and i am the song of the drunkards": lap steel on "If I'm Wrong" and "Lets Stay Together", pedal steel on "Let's Stay Together" and "Seminole Town"

The Beanstalk Library "America At Night": pedal steel on "Fake It", "All The World Is New" and "Fog Over My Mind" The Sketches "Secret Alphabets": lead guitar on "Secret Alphabets" and "Hard Read", lap steel on "My Mona Lisa", all keyboards/piano

Roofwalkers: 7" single: lap steel, writing credit  on "Broken Sticks".  
52 Short Weeks project (Peppermill Records):
These United States: A Day to Float the Bahnar Boat
Vandaveer: The Gregarious Brain

These United States: Snowghost Sessions

Adam Arcuragi: Snowghost Sessions

Paleo's Song Diary
April 5, 2008: pedal steel
April 12, 2008: pedal steel


Justin Jones & the Driving Rain "Love Verses Heroin": lap steel, banjo, CD & booklet photography/design/layout. Leah Morgan "Songs From a Silent Film, Vol. 1": lead guitar, lap steel, banjo, CD & booklet design/layout.
Paleo's Song Diary
November 26, 2006: lap steel

Leah Morgan "Zero Dollars Spent": banjo on "Obvious" and slide guitar to "Iowa", CD & booklet design/layout. Otis Finch "Monkeys Typing":: lead guitars & background vox, music for "Following Signs", CD & booklet design/layout.

I've also played a bunch with:
The Scourge of the Sea

and have been involved in some way with the following (partial list):
Ben's Bones

Eastern Homes/Anchorage
Viki Nova
Gabe Fry - the Casual Occupation
Coast is Clear
Premonition Sue
The Betty Ford Experience
Special Guest
The Jesters of the Court

and have played in the pit orchestras of:
Jesus Christ Superstar
Children of Eden
Man of La Mancha


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